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I have a solution for Paxil withdrawal: Prozac. I was placed on Paxil following the death of my sister, which sent me into a temporary but serious depression. The Paxil worked fine, but when I decided it was time to stop - WOW! The "zaps" almost drove me nuts.

As a desperation move and experiment, I asked my spouse if I could try a low dose of her Prozac to see if it helped. Prozac has no withdrawal effects that I am aware of, and is closely related to Paxil chemically. A 10mg Prozac daily eliminated the Paxil withdrawal symptoms and, after a couple of weeks, I simply stopped the Prozac. No more zaps.

These drugs are so safe, most physicians would probably agree to a short-term prescription for Prozac if you want to give it try. If you do, I'd be very interested in your results.