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Hello ddanny52,

First, thanks for the e-mail...I thought you might like to read my story;

It feels like my body is shivering all the time and the only thing that helps is walking.

I'm always freezing cold (3 months) and very sensitive to any type of breeze or airconditioner. Also have a rash (3 months) on my Stomach that comes and goes mostly stays.

They did two Biopsy on the rash and both can back okay. It's all driving me crazy!!! I've had a MRI of the Sprine & Brain and tons of blood work that all came back fine.

They also checked for Lyme's Disease and thyroid can back OK. I have all the signs of depession and Anxiety but I think its all due to not knowing why I'm freezing and having this electric shock feeling through my body (mostly from my Stomach up).

They put me on prozac 20mg. three weeks ago thinking it was depression but I'm still freezing to death and the prozac didn't help. Also sweating alot must be the prozac.

Boston, MA area. (Wilmington, MA)
Have a good night