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Most endos now seem to know that optimal TSH is around 1.0 (for those on T4 only meds). But, many Gps and other doctors still don't know that yet.

Of course a TSH of 1.0 on Armour or Cytomel is likely NOT optimal. They still don't seem to know that.

But you must be talking about the FREE T3 & FREE T4.

Its not just thyroid hormone levels that the tyranny of the 'normal range' gets in the way of optimal health; but probably one with some of the most consequences !

Using the TSH instead of the actual thyroid hormomes just compounds the problem!

Most doctors are taught in medical school that hypothyroidism is easily treated by using Synthroid and getting the TSH anywhere in 'normal range'.

The makers of Synthroid spend a lot of money at medical schools & with doctors after they begin practices.

Furthermore, the most common hypothyroid patient is a middle aged, over weight woman (often who gave birth recently).

They are quick to blame their continous symptoms on things like...depression, just unhappy, not happy to be a mother!, female problems, fibromyalgea, etc. The list is long. And they just need Prozac , etc.

The book; "Stop The Thyroid Madness" has a good chapter about this.

That source and my own experience is THE ONLY REASON I KNOW.
I spent 25+ years feeling lousy on Synthrod while being told over and over that my levels were 'in nomal range', that I was derepssed and over worked (due to mother-hood).

I was robbed.