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Does anyone have any suggestions on what the most effective oral antidepressants are and whether any have any adverse side effects?

I read somewhere, that prozac doesn't really work, or only minimally does, so for someone such as myself (who has had a 6+ year long health problem that has now made me extremely depressed) what would be an ideal/preferred antidepressant course of treatment?

Lately I've just been feeling very depressed and I have a hospital appointment in mid August which I hope will provide substantive solutions to my ongoing health problem but until then I feel it may be appropriate to be on something to keep myself feeling upbeat and positive.

I can say from personal experiance that Prozac really helped me a lot. I was diagnosed with PMDD, and whenever it was "that time of month", I would be a wreck- crying at every little thing, manic moods, intrusive thoughts... I was put on Prozac for it, and it worked wonders.
There never are 'best antidepressants'. It really does depend on the person. Some people swear Effexor works for them, but some like me, has destroyed my life.

Prozac has helped my dad, and everyone else I've known who has taken it.
Dear Jerry1985 - I have not heard of anyone having a real bad time with prozac, though I've never tried it myself. I have tried Paxil, for social anxiety disorder, but It gave me short term memory loss, which was very scary for me. (and a little embarrasing) I kept saying HI to people I had just seen a minute ago....

I tried trazadone, but was oversedated, forgot simple words like spoon, knife and fork, and to wear shoes to the store. Also embarrasing

Last I tried Doxepin, that was a Tri-cyclic, lowered my seizure threshold, and I had a seizure. Not to mention hairloss, weightgain, acne, and sexual dysfunction.

Not trying to scare you, I am just VERY Prone to side effects. It really depends on the person and how prone you are to side effects. Once you learn a "family" of antidepressants that you can work with, you can see which one is right for you. It does take some patience, and best if you have a few days off just to see how you react to it.

I have been considering Effexor, its supposed to be good for anxiety, but haven't heard anything wonderful about it, just one scary story where someone saw devilish faces, another person says it just wasn't for them.
I wish I knew what happened to Cinemachix?

Good luck, give it a go, I really haven't heard anything bad about Prozac to date... Sherbear38