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[QUOTE=djpatd;3668163]I have been suffering with low grade temps 96.7-97.4 for over 4 years and other symptoms, fatgue, depression, poor concentration. I have many issues pointing towards Wilsons Syndrome.

What are the basic tests I need?

The only thing my doc is testing me for is TSH W?Reflex T-4, Free.
in wilsons thyroid syndrome their really isn't any test except low body temps. the tests you are showing above are woefully inadequate and I'm sure nothing will probably show up. My daughter suffered for three years with horrible depression. she had low body temps 97.2 to 97.6 I took her from doctor to doctor. she had cold hands and feet, slept 12-14 hour days, horrible acne, she was put on prozac and they almost over dosed her, she was tested over and over for thyroid and they found nothing, the doc that finally found something was a nurse practicioner. She ran a full thyroid panel early in the morning(very important) t3,t4 rt3, uptake t3, and several others, it came back she had low t3's. The np put her on armour which helped tremendously but not a cure, she still had so many symptoms. A year later I called a compounding pharmacy in our town and asked them if they had any doctor that treated with sustained release t3. They gave me the name of the np that was the same doc that treated her with armour. I made an apointment and asked her to do the wilsons thyroid protocal. She hesitated but finally gave in. My daughter had dramatic changes right away. She stopped having frequent urination and could sleep through the night for the first time. As her temps rose so did her smile broaden. Her face became alive and animated again. She stopped sleeping for hours and started talking on the phone. She stopped being angry all the time and started joking, I could hear her sing around the house( a blessing to my ears) .
My advice is to call medus pharmacy and ask them who in your area treats with srt3 or call a compounding pharmacy in your area and find out who treats with this miraculous treatment. My daughter by the way eats very healthy and also takes vitamins to support her adrenals. She is doing sooooo wonderful. Good luck and god bless,:angel: