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Oh my gosh you sound like I did a few years ago. Felt bad for years. Would go to the Dr. and they would give me the usual thyroid tests. They couldn't figure out what was wrong with me and said I was depressed and prescribed prozac which I didn't take. Was resigned to feel this way for the rest of my life. Went to a different nurse practitioner for my usual yearly check up and wasn't about to mention the symptoms I had been complaining about for years to other doctors but I must have looked really bad because she kept asking questions about how I slept, did I feel "foggy" headed, headaches? I reluctantly said yes I do feel cruddy and she said let me palpitate your thyroid. What? no one had ever done that before. Thats not part of a normal physical but now I'm more educated now that we have a couple of nurses in the family and yes, a dr. is supposed to palpitate your thyroid while you swallow during an exam. She said it was enlarged and ordered an ultrasound and blood work to check for antibodies. She called back and said the antibodies were positive for Hashimotos thyroiditis. No other dr. ordered this test. All those years! Also interestingly she did order the usual other thyroid tests and they were normal. Got a book about hashimotos and your blood tests can come back normal but you can have the antibodies for hashimotos. Turned out I had cancer and a month later had my thyroid out. Anyways, please keep persisting and have someone check your antibodies and have someone palpitate your thyroid while you swallow and if you do have antibodies find an endocrinologist. Good luck.