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[COLOR="DarkOrchid"]You know, I was just talking to someone about depression on the pill yesterday. So far, I can only tolerate this pill called AVIANE because it's one of the lowest dose pills they make in the USA and all other pills make me depressed/angry/anxiety/negative/violent etc. I thought I was gonna have to just dump the pill all together until I started seeing a professional who suggested I try the super low dose pill. Those people at the local health departments don't always know whats best. But anyway, here's my opinion on antidepressants: I don't think any birth control is worth going thru the trouble of getting on Prozac and yet further medicating your body. So I think you should switch pills. You may need to get on a monophasic pill [one with the same amount of hormones throughout the pack] instead of the triphasic you're on now. My OBGYN told me she doesn't even prescribe triphasic because of them causing nasty side effects. Talk to your doctor about switching to something else and kick the stupid antidepressants to the curb. If you don't need them before you get on the pill, I don't think you should get on em now.