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Hi, i am a 22 year old male.

Ive been having problems for about 5 years now, and never got to the bottom of them, my doctor always just throws anti depressant pills at me, but i dont think its the problem, surely not for 5 years?

It all started when i was struggling to wake up in mornings. I couldnt hear any alarm clocks, even a stereo on timer. It took my parents physically shaking me and pooring water on my face to wake me up. I was just dead to the world. Then when i was finally awake, i feel like im half asleep still. Day dreaming you might call it, but i mean constantly, and all day. Like im on autopilot and not really controlling my actions. The doctor just says im depressed. I somehow dont believe him though, have tried his tablets (prozac) and they didnt do a thing for me.

My problems are:

-Fatigue (i am always absolutely shattered, no matter how long/short sleep i have, the next morning i am never refreshed)

-Loss of concentration (i used to be able to sit down and concentrate on things, but since ive had this 'ilness' i find it difficult to concentrate OR remember things

-I often feel like something is crawling on my skin, when infact there isnt, and a couple of months ago they were forming into very hot rashes but havent had them in the last month fortunately.

-It is only lately that ive realised this could be a sign of the problem, but i get sharp pains, just slightly above the pubic area, which come on very suddenly and dissapear within a minute or so?

-Also, this might be completely off topic, but im just trying to give information and HOPE that someone can give me any help. That i dont think i need to go to the toilet half as much as i should do. & i eat alot of rubbish foods. It can some times be 3 or 4 days before i go to the toilet. Although i pee quite alot.

-Im also hearing rumbling/vibrating noises in my left ear.

If anyone can help even in the slightest i would greatly appreciate it. Dont know what to do, ive left it a long time but am now telling myself if i dont do it now i never will and will live like this forever.