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I started Prozac 2 1/2 weeks ago. At first I was a restless, anxious mess. Well, I was already but the Prozac made it worse. Thankfully, my doctor prescribed xanax to help me through. I have not needed it the past couple of days and I am feeling better. So, my point is, it is worth a try.
I am thinking of starting prozac. Can you explain how it made your anxiety worse. Were you having anxiety attacks before the prozac? Thanks.
Every single anti-anxiety med is going to have one type of side-effect or the other. SSRI's (Lexapro, Prozac, etc.) take many weeks to get to full effect. Other meds are extremely addictive (Xanax and other benzo's). Web is full of lots of information on the side effects, but most of them will scare you to death. Particularly since the people posting tend to be the one with a negative experience.

It's about having a conversation with your doctor and explaining any side effects you've had from other medications or medications in general.

I knew I had no choice but to go on medication as my life was becoming unliveable. 3 months after starting and adjusting some doses I was back at work and no longer afraid of leaving my house.

I asked my doctor this question: "In your experience and what you know about me, what is the medication that will be the most effective but with the most manageable level of side effects". She picked the right combo for me. But, I went into that discussion having done my own research. Make sure you do that before you have the anxiety discussion with your doctor.

Best wishes to you!
I have had a severe anxiety disorder (not panic attacks) for years. Of course, in the early years it would only occur every now and then. After trying several meds I was put on Prozac. This was at a time when the SSRIs were relatively new and not readily available. It was a miracle for me for almost 15 years. I would still have break-throughs every now and then, but not as severe or long-lasting as before. I won't say Prozac quit working for me, but instead I think my chemistry just changed. After several trials of other antidepressants, I am now on Effexor XR 150mg and it helps a lot. But, my anxiety disorder became very difficult to treat and I finally found a psychiatrist that really listened and cared. He also finally put me on an anti-seizure med, and that has really helped once the was dose right. I am by no means suggesting that anyone with anxiety needs this type of med, but somewhat different circumstances are partyly attributed to the severity of my problem (bad head injury in a car accident at 20 years of age, etc.). I have also taken Alprazolam (Xanax) .5mg. This med helps in the immediate onset of the anxiety and helps quickly. I know it is addictive, but if taken correctly it can be a lifesaver at times, at least for me.

Don't be afraid to try some kind of med. Talk to your dr. This is a treatable disorder. You don't have to suffer so badly. Believe me I know your pain. I've said the pain of anxiety is worse than any physical pain, and I have experienced some tremendous pain in the past as most people have. There is help, but you have to make the first move by talking to you dr. Good luck with whatever you decide, but know that SSRIs tend to to make some people kind of shaky, nervous at first but that passes shortly. Also, they take a little while to get into your system and begin to work to their fullest so don't give up on them. Take care.