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I'm not currently going to therapy, mainly because I feel like its more of a biological isse for me than environmental most of the time. My mom has to take Prozac just to be able to function and has taken it for many years after unsuccesfully trying to withdrawal, as well as my brother for social anxiety. So obviously it runs in the genes. I'm sure it would help me if I did go... but its also not insured by my employer so I'd be paying out the ying-yang for it, especially something like CBT.

Paxil worked for me before at the minimum dose, I just knew I wouldn't have health insurance for a while because I was in college so about a year before that point I started gradually tapering off of it. I was surprised at how good I felt after getting off the med, it was like being able to feel again. That was one of the things I hated about Paxil; it totally killed my anxiety (along with any sex drive whatsoever), but seemingly also numbed all of my emotions. I never felt happy or sad, just "in the middle" all the time.

So far Lexapro I feel works better for me. It hasn't 100% taken away my anxiety, and who knows if it ever will even after 8-12 weeks. But at least I still feel like myself and have interests and a desire for life, instead of like a mellow Paxil-induced zombie. And its helped me enough to where I feel I can get my life back and manage it on my own, through a mix of Lexapro as well as positive relationships, diet and excercise which helped me a lot before I got lazy.