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Hi everyone,

I got my first DX letter from Dr. Hain's office, though it doesn't take into account the rotatory chair test that I took last Monday: right vestibular neuritis with a possible migraine component. He also noted that allergy flare-ups and sinus infections could be the cause of my episodic decompensation. Their recommendation was that I start verapamil at a low dose, and if that doesn't help, to try VRT.

My preference would be to start with the VRT instead, since I tend to be med sensitive and because I am hoping to get pregnant in the near future and doubt that I can take verapamil while pregnant. (I was surprised to learn through Violet's note that Prozac is considered safe during pregnancy, so I may ask Dr. Hain if that would be a reasonable alternative.)

Also, last year I felt considerably better when it got cooler and less humid, and today is the first day of fall, so I may feel better soon with no intervention at all.

Looking for thoughts on whether I should try verapamil or VRT first...

Hi, Willholl--

Good to hear that you have a diagnosis! I have gotten pretty much the same diagnosis...I've been doing VRT which seems to help my eyes although I'm still pretty dizzy...it takes time, though, for it to work.

I expect Dr. Hain will say prozac is not much good for this, as that seems to be the consensus these days. However, I think it was used in the past more often. I just thought it might be worth a try, as some docs do seem to use paxil, zoloft, and lexapro as well as effexor. Prozac is associated with a slight increase in a rare lung problem in newborns, and there may be some withdrawal in the baby, but it is very common for pregnant women to take prozac...I believe it is considered the safest AD in pregnant women. Zoloft is similar...I believe it is often used during nursing.

I'm also interested in trying verapamil...I was worried about it lowering my bp, but a nurse friend told me that even if drugs like beta blockers and ccbs lower it quite a bit, one's body usually adjusts and is OK, although you can feel pretty bad at first.

Let me know what you decide to do and how things go!