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Thanks everyone! I only take .25 maybe one time a day , if that. I just would hate to get dependent on this. I am hoping once the prozac takes full effect, I won't need these.
Hey nuttigirl, I started Prozac 3 weeks ago and am also taking .25mg xanax once a day. I am alos afraid of getting addicted. How is the Prozac treating you?
The prozac made me a complete zombie the first 2 weeks. I was taking it in the morning. Now, I take it at night and feel much more awake during the day. I am feeling pretty good on the prozac!! No side effects and much less anxiety...you?
Hmm? How much are you taking? I am taking 10 mg and was feeling really restless and anxious for the first couple of weeks. I think it had something to do with the fact that I am afraid to take meds so I was looking for side effects. This past few days I have been feeling better, less anxious and irritable. I am ready to stop the xanax but I think I need to continue it for awhile until I feel totally better. I have had some wierd catastrophic thoughts creep in to my mind, but I think once again that I may have been looking for them. I hope the Prozac works for both of us!