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Yes, I have also experienced the lump in my throat feeling. I think that is quite common with anxiety problems. I would feel that feeling, then could not get it off my mind while awake. Then, when I would wake up in the morning and not be thinking about it, I didn't notice it. When I would remember I had the feeling then it would come back. I don't have panic/anxiety attacks per se, but an extreme anxiety disorder. I've dealt with it on and off for years. Medications like Prozac, then Effexor XR, and Xanax have helped a lot. I, also, would think the lump and every other anxiety ailment would never go away, but they always would. They might come back at times, but they would pass again also. The worst for me was that feeling of not being able to get a good breath. That's typical anxiety, according to my dr. I found that a Xanax would help that if I tried to take it easy and tried not to focus on it. It would always pass as well. I agree that all the symptoms and thinking you are sick can make life miserable at times. Just know that after many years diagnosed with anxiety disorder, those lump, etc. feelings have always gone away. I, also, understand the concern of passing this axiety on to our children. My oldest daughter has begun to show signs of problems with it. She's a definite Type A personality so she expects sooo much of herself which I think makes it worse. She also gets through it and as of now is not medicated. She is 23. -- It's really nowhere else in my family, not brothers, sisters, parents, etc. I praise God for that cause I wouldn't want them to suffer this way. -- Try to be patient with yourself and consider some relaxation techniques. These techniques taught by my daughter's psychologist have helped her deal with it. -- I totally understand what you're experiencing. I wish you well !!