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My story has been in here for a while now. My journey starting Prozac and now finishing it.....

Im really disappointed today as yesterday i had a big panic attack. I am only taking 20mg every three days now, ive come down slowly on my Docs instructions, but it was too fast for my body. I went straight to my Doctor who said i had to go back to taking 20mg every two days so i took one immediately and within a few hours i did feel a bit better.

I thought Prozac wasnt supposed to be addictive, and i was on a small dosage too. Does anyone know why this may have happened? I feel really down today thinking that this came back , and came back so strongly. Today ive been ok, its all so unpredictable and weird, i just dont get it.:(
Hi Worrybucket,

You may want to just stay on the Prozac. It must have been working for you since you had a panic attack so soon. if the meds are working, keep on taking them. I don't think an anti-depressant is addictive, but you have to go them slowly because of the side affects you experience -a slow adjustment is better for the body and mind.

I hope you are feeling well soon.

I had a chat to my Doctor today and she said if im not doing to well coming down off Prozac, then i shouldnt.

So im trying to see how i go with taking 20mg every other day instead of every day. I'm feeling a bit rubbish in that im having my shortness of breath attacks back. Not in the same severity, but more frequent than when i was on it every day.

Will i ever get off it? i dont want to be on it for rest of my life. I'm feeling pretty down about it all really.

Any advice please? I didnt think your body depended on the stuff so much that when you reduce the dose you get all the symptoms back almost straight away :((
Worrybucket...are you trying to come down off of Prozac due to side effects or because you would prefer not to be on medication? Cost?

If it is that you don't want to be on medication, do you have a therapist to help you through the anxiety issues so you can successfully reduce medications to control it?

There is no medicine that will "cure" anxiety to then allow you to go off medications. That can only happen in conjunction with therapy or other lifestyle changes, life situation changes, or self-directed therapy.

Best wishes.