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I have not been on the board for quite sometime because I was doing SOOO WELL ON PROZAC. it seriously changed my life and i loved it. BUt I was so fed up with the sexual side effects that I decided i wanted to come off, for that reason only. Selfish i know, but orgasm is a pleasure I need in my life. ANyway its been 2 months off it and Im more depressed and anxious than ever!! I never even had depression before and now its awful.
Oh and I am also on Lamictal-I do not have bipolar but some compulsive tendencys.:confused:
My doc put me on, today, Wellbutrin 200mg and Prozac 10 mg. I really dont want to be on meds but I have tried alternative therapys, herbs, meditation, CBT the works and it hasnt helped. The worst part is I am in graduate school fulltime and work full time and cannot afford to be nonfunctional. Please someone help advice about the combination. I feel like a medicince cabinet, which is increasing my depression. THank you to anyone who can give me advice:(
What was the mg's of the Prozac? I'm on 40 mg right now, and when I was on the 20 mg is when I was having the BAD sexual side effects. That straightened out when I bumped up to 40 mg. Only now, I'm a zombie most of the time. But to go back to what I was before, I don't want to. I'm so glad I read this post from you as I was contemplating going off the Prozac. Reminds me of how bad I really was without it. Feel free to read my other post on the Depression threads...I really hope you feel better. I'm right there with you, only in another way.