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I was on 20mg of Lexapro for about a month. At the time I was doing pretty well (even before I switched from 20mg of Prozac to 20mg of Lex), so I decided that I only needed 10mg. Now I am experiencing more anxiety due to the realization that a surgery I just had didn't work, and I am still experiencing digestive problems that have continued to plague me for almost two years without relief.

I decided to go back up to 20mg of Lex. I think I've been on that dose for about three weeks now. How long should it take, could it take, will it take (whatever!) before I feel the effects of it kick in? How good is it for anxiety? When I took it before at 20mg, i wasn't having a lot of anxiety. But now I really am. I have been taking 1.5mg of Klonopin for a while now too, and I'd like to slowly cut back on that, as my body gets used to it pretty quickly and I have a harder and harder time noticing any positive effect from it. I just hope the Lex will "kick in" soon and help make it easier for me to deal with my anxiety/depression. If anyone has any stories to share about how long it took them to feel better on Lex, let me know.....I know we're all different, but just hearing something is comforting....thanks!