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I've been on a daily dose of Klonopin for about a year and a half now in combination with an SSRI (first Prozac, then Lexapro).

I've started to notice that my body is becoming tolerant to the dose that I take. Believe me, I wanted to take it only "as needed", but there was a period in time where "as needed" was every day, and soon it became part of my daily routine. I was taking 1 mg. Now I am taking 1.5mg. And I can't even tell if it's helping that much. It feels like I have to take that amount just to be at a normal state-- rather than taking it and feeling the anxiety recede.

What kinds of successes have those of you on klonopin had? Has anyone had success in cutting down their dose and NOT having the anxiety come raging back? How have you dealt with the effects of the body quickly tolerating to it? (I don't want to keep taking more and more-- it scares me that at one time .5mg would do it, and now I can take 1.5mg and I barely blink).

Any advice, stories, etc are appreciated.....