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My Dr just switched me to prozac. She wants me to take it at night, which I used to take my meds in morning. I have been having a horrible time going to sleep. Anyone with same problem taking prozac at night? And why would she have me take it at night and not in morning like the others? Going to give it another week or 2 then call her if it does not get better.
taking prozac at night
I had that trouble too. but switched to zoloft. My doctor said you can take it whenever...so just call your doctor and tell him you want to switch to morning. Pharmacists are also knowledgeable about these things too.
I take Prozac and I take it at night. I do have trouble falling asleep if I take it too early. I now make sure I take it right before I go to bed and am doing much better. Although my husband insists I talk all night long in my sleep.
since posting I started taking it around 5-6 pm and I havent had the problem. Did/do eather of you had /have a very emotional time in the beggining of taking prozac. I almost feel depressed all the time, crying etc, more moody, since I started.
i have allergies, so i take my allergy meds in the morning. And i take prozac around 3pm, mid afternoon. If you have trouble sleeping, my dr. said to just take a benadryl, until you get used to prozac. The anti histamine is strong enough to make you sleepy, but not TOO strong to make you groggy and horrible the next day.

yes you will be emotional. this drug is changing major chemicals in your brain, so you must give it a while. Id say if they get severe, like suicidal... talk to your doctor asap!