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snippenhairz, i had to post again, can't take the new add-on med--made me so sick.

I'm thinking about paxil or prozac--both of which I took many years ago but I don't think i gave them a fair shot.

Lexapro worked so fast, I always think if something doesn't work like that then it's not going to.

I have anxiety and pmdd and i've read paxil is good for that. It didn't help your depression at all? not even at first? Well, now you think it must have helped you, right?

Topamax made me deeply depressed. My dr. said Are you sure? Yes, I was sure and now I read about it happening to people all the time. It was so great for my migraines though.

I'm not saying it's causing depression in you...I just think it's ironic how even my dr. doubted it could do that.

I read paxil is for ocd too. Any weight gain from it? I can't deal with that, makes the situation even worse.

Does the generic differ from the name brand? Were you on the generic?

If it made you tired, did you try taking it at night?

I hoping you getting off the pristiq will help you. You can't continue with the migraines. I know what that's like.

I can't seem to take anything but the SSRI's. The others give me headaches, make me nauseous, irritable, anxious or more depressed.

I wanted to stick w/the Topamax and the WB, but couldn't.

I don't know what my dr is going to think, he always wants me to stay w/the lex., but i can't keep on like this.

I hope going back to the way you had it will help.

Well lets see. i got up to 100mg of the topamax and was a complete idiot all the time. lol. And I felt like I swolled a bag of cotton balls! However, i did go down to 50 mg and that seemed to help a lot. It was also a mood stabalizer, and that helped too, along with appetite suppresser. i just hated that I was a big dingy, and that I could not drink any carbonated anything because it made it have a metallic, flat taste. However the headaches were better and after having 3 days now, in a row with aura migraines, i am thinking back on it I go.
Paxil worked for me, as I answered under your other post. It helped me get through some rough times. Other than weight gain, I am not sure there was any other issues. I mean, i was on it for 10 years and a lot of things can cause weight as well. the thing is that i did try going off of it 2 times in the past, and i had the WORST withdrawal from it. This past time, however, I had nothing at all . Probably because I went on the pristiq so kept the seritonin level the same. I am now wondering if I should try prozac since i never tried that one. I just want to feel good again instead of anxiety, irritation, and no patience. I seemed to lost that in the past month and the changes were , no topamax, no paxil, and new pristiq.....oh and one last thing, yes, i have been on the generic paxil for, well as long as it has been out. Was no different than the regular in my opinion
I was the same way on the topamax except of course the deep depression was brought on by it too. It was so great for weight loss and my migraines completely disappeared.

Thank you for writing to my new post. The reason I was thinking about the paxil over the prozac was for gad and pmdd. I couldn't believe it was for all that. Also paxil didn't have the blood sugar warning that i read prozac does.

I would think the WB would combat any weight issue w/the paxil for you. Guess I'll have to really watch what I put in my mouth if I try it.

Did you take the generic? Do you think there's a difference? Did you try taking it at night if it was making you tired?

Thanks, dear. You should see me trying to type from this new med, i can't spell and it takes me forever to get the words right.

snippenhairz, i drive myself crazy with these meds...now I'm thinking why don't i go to lexapro's cousin, celexa...wouldn't that make sense. A very wise person on the boards is on it and it got me thinking once again.

So I'll ask my dr. Maybe he'll have samples.

I'm still hoping we will hear about the prozac vs. paxil question. I want you to be helped.