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[QUOTE=arenagirl;3788706]Just wondered how other people have felt, if there are any ladies on here who have had a complete hysterectomy with the removal of the ovaries. I just recently had this procedure done and am know taking estrogen and I and my husband have noticed some improvement over what it was like when I did not have a constant level of hormones. I would like to know if you have noticed a good change a bad change if you had to change meds after were able to go off meds after anything at all. I know that this is a private issue so I thank you all in advance for any and all responses to this post.


[COLOR="Green"]Hello.:wave: I had to have a complete hyst couple years ago. The doctor who did it started me on estrogen right away. First it was a patch but that made my skin very itchy. Now i take a little red pill...cenestin. It helps alot. I talked with my primary doctor couple months ago if I really need to be on it and she said to wean off it and just see. I seemed to get more depressed, lack of energy feelings. so went back on it. i also take prozac for major depression. having a hyst contributed to being depressed but it wasn't the whole reason.