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I am very interested in how the Prozac works out for you. Someone in the past (can't remember who) suggested trying to use an antidepressant drug. I never tried, but might consider it if there is good results from others like yourself.

What percentage of relief are you getting while on Prozac?

How long have you been depressed? Is there a possiblity that you were depressed prior to PET?

Good Luck to you, this is encouraging news.

Quote from basatum:
I have recently been put on Prozac for re-occuring depression (probably due to my patulous eustachian tube). I have noticed that prozac has increased my concentration, and helped with the PET. Has anyone else taken antidepressants and noticed any change in their eustachian tube dysfunction?

bas, I can't say I have noticed due to this-but I got off Zoloft in aug, got on birthcontrol pills (to regulate hormones so I had less pms, which was what I was on zoloft for) and my PET (which is what I have assumed I have) is the worst it has ever been..had it for over 10 yrs with a 2 yr break a while ago..don't k now why..I have also lost 40 lb in the past 9 mos, which I think isn't "rapid". I am at a much healthier, normal weight now. I just can't figure any of this out.