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Misery loves company! I've suffered with this crap for years now... Doctor's are useless... "Here put this cream on it, take these pills, don't wash it with soap, use a different laundry detergent, etc". I've heard them all, and nothing works. My affliction appears to be the same as described here. Irritated red scrotum. Sitting hurts, it feels like you are sitting on a hot grill roasting your nads. I sweat excessively in this region too, when things get flared up. My boxers are damp most of the day, on a bad day my pants get wet! What I've found is that it is not fungil, but instead appears allergic somehow. I've found it worse at certain times of the year. I've found that you need to "calm" the area down to get into a "remission", or a "maintenance" mode. You can try meditation, yoga, etc. For me, only prozac worked. I hated having to take that crap, but it sure worked. It broke the cycle, and got me feeling better about things. That's the weird thing, with me this condition seems to thrive on stress, anxiety, which leads to depression, and then everything spirals downward... Breaking the cycle was tough, and when I finally did I wasn't cured but I could carry on better. I found that a daily application of plain mineral oil helped incredibly. But it does stain your clothes... And you can get into a flare-up again by something stressful and irritating. For me it was attending a long conference sitting for hours on a vinyl coated chair. It was freaking uncomfortable, and I HOT! I sweated so bad I left a puddle on the chair! Gross right... I agree, this is ridiculous. Now I am trying to break the cycle, and need to find a shrink to prescribe me some Prozac...

Has anyone found a cure for this? Or at least determined what it is? Does anyone else experience excessive sweating? Is this Hyperhidrosis? What comes first, the sweating or the irritation? I.E. is the sweating the result of the irritation, or vice-versa.

I would pay just about any amount to make this go away for good.