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I just today was prescribed seroquel and prozac for depression and I over analyzie everything. I cant stay focused I am not scared of the prozac it is this seroquel that scares me. Do I just try the prozac without the seroquel or what I am so scared I dont think that and my family and friends dont think I am that bad but I do get panic attacks and stuff. I dont hear voices or see things. he only has me on 25 mg 0f the seroquel. What to do someone please help. I am so scared. Why are all problems answered with pills?

I have Bipolar Mood Disorder after I suffered from depression and anxiety. I've been on several different medications, Zoloft, Prozac, Remeron, Topomax etc but we could not find a suitable combination.

I became extremely aggressive and agitated. Everyone was too afraid to speak to me.

I went to a new psychiatrist who changed one of my drugs to Seroquel. I consider Seroquel a "miracle drug". I changed my life completely literally within days. I'm on 100mg per day as well as on Efexor 150mg and Lamictin 200mg per day.

I hardly ever dreamt and for the first few months on Seroquel I didn't dream either. But when it started it was with a vengeance. I have nothing short of night terrors. All my dreams are very dark and sinister. For the first time people die in my dreams. I also find it very real and there have been times where I think back to an event and wonder if I dreamt it or not. It is very real and therefore very upsetting, even when I wake up.

But if I must choose between the dreams and the other positive effects of Seroquel, I'll live with my dreams.

As for having psychic dreams? If my dreams have to come true there'll be havoc!

We did try 200mg at some point but then I couldn't get out of bed or do my daily tasks. I wanted to fall asleep all day.

As for being a drug for psychosis, one finds that many drugs helping for one disorder also help for another. So I would not worry about being on Seroquel but not schizophrenic. For example, many people with anxiety take anti-epileptic drugs.