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Hi. I use beCalmd. 3 capsules per day. One an hour before breakfast. One an hour before lunch. And one an hour before dinner.

I have been diagnosed ADHD&Conduct disorder. At one point doctors have suggested that I may be bipolar, but upon further investigation it was assumed that it was just severe ADHD symptoms.

The symptoms I was dealing with were:
Extreme hyperactivity - I could not sit still ever
Lack of focus - If I was bored with something I would zone out and have no recolection of what I was reading or listening to once I "zoned back in"
Temper problems - The tiniest things would make me VERY VERY angry
No impulse control - I did or said whatever came to mind without thinking it through (I had several close calls because of this... almost killing myself ACCIDENTLY, because I never stopped to think if something was dangerous or not.
Addictive personality - Drug/Alcohol addiction runs in my family. At one point I was smoking 1/8 of marijuana daily and drinking hard liquor for breakfast.
Headaches - I had severe headaches daily that would get worse when I was angry or frusterated.
Sleeping problems - I have had problems sleeping since I was an infant.

How beCalmd has helped me:
I am less hyperactive then I was before. I still have more energy then other people but I can manage it in healthy productive ways.

I am able to focus on things for a longer period of time. Sometimes I still work on more then one project at once but I follow through. I am able to focus, remember, and recall things when I need to. Now I can read an entire textbook chapter and remember all the important points. Before I could have only read 5 textbook pages per sitting.

I still get angry but I have more control when I do. I usually try to get away from the situation for a few minutes then I start feeling OK again. Before I would have stayed in the situation and made myself angrier and angrier.

My impulse better. Now before I do something I think about wheather it is dangerous or bad before I do it. I dont just jump into things so quickly. I also am doing a little bit better with not saying things that shouldnt be said or butting into other peoples conversations.

After the first week on beCalmd I have had absolutely no marijuana, alcohol, caffeine or any other drug. I didnt even really try to stop. Since taking beCalmd the cravings just stopped.

My headaches went away after only a few days on the beCalmd.

Sleeping problems are the only thing that the beCalmd hasnt seemed to help me with. For my sleeping problems if I really need to get some rest I take some melatonin.

I take beCalmd for ADHD&ConductDisorder - Works great for me, better than most medications
My 24yr old cousin takes beCalmd for OCD- Works just as well as Zoloft for her
My stepdad takes beCalmd for depression - Works better than Prozac for him
My 19yr old cousin takes beCalmd for FAS&ADHD - It works pretty well for him, he also takes extra GABA, these work almost as well as his medications did (he was on about 4 diff ones)
My friend takes beCalmd for ADD and mild anxiety and has had great success
My 6yr old cousin takes beCalmd for slight brain damage at birth, it is working OK for him but not great, he has only been taking it for one month though so hopefully he will improve more and more.

I hope this is helpful to you Palms