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Nebraska: As ejaculatory and erectile problems go, this one is pretty easy to fix. Go to your doctor, tell him or her what's going on. Ask about going on a half dose of what are called SSRI Antidepressents. The brand names are Paxil, Prozac, Effexor...there are others..I can't remember. Unlike people who are depressed, you don't have to take the drug every day...just a few hours before you have sex (unless you have sex every day lol) A half dose won't really effect you mood wise, but what it will do is retard your ability to ejaculate a little bit...giving you time to really please you lady before you yourself have an orgasm.

Your Doc proably has free sample packs of SSRI drugs for you to try. You may have to cut a pill in half to get the smallest dose.

If the erectile problem doesn't clear up on it's own, Viagra will make you rock hard. But I think it's just a matter of nerves and as you and your girlfriend get more comfortable having sex, that erection problem will dissapear. We all hate condoms my friend but these days
we haven't got much of a choice.