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I tried to have sex three times last night. When we had our cloths on the erection was on, but by the time our clothes were off and the condom was put on the erection had lost its power.

My sexual history is a bit spotted, I don't associate good 'playful' thoughts and feelings with sexuality. I find them more painful from right off the bat...yet I've been making good lately.

I've never had a problem with getting an erection...maybe PE, but not an erection. I started taking Prozac about 1-2 months ago...could this be affecting my sexual habits...?

Prozac also helps to stop Premature Ejaculation- I don't know which one is worse- PE or no boner. Can someone please help? Could it be the meds?
Well, it could be the prozac, could also be nerves and performance anxiety. And sometimes while getting undressed, putting on the condom and such...the lil guy does lose some of his erection, totally OK to offer some help if you need to! Or better yet, let your partner do it!