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Hi Salem,

Thanks for your advice. Going on is good. I need to be told and maybe everything hasn't got bad enough for me to stop and have that feeling. I take temazepam 30+ each night 6 years. Codeine 30 mg - 120 if have pain but use it all the time anyway. Prozac, celebrex 400mg migrane meds. Don't feel any are working anymore and don't want to move to stronger drugs. I often also combine these with alcohol. The need to self medicate! I lost my sense of self after my Dad died and after nursing him through cancer I quit my job, got married and went to work with my husband and in laws(last 5 years). I feel I don't have my own life - in prison sort of, this is what has worsened things. So I went back to uni but although I like it I am either at work or uni and in denial of my anger, pain etc. Feel controlled by others. Now I am going on, sorry. I see a psycologist and have become aware and better able to control my anxiety but maybe to the point of where I just don't do anything due to fear. Take care and I hope all is well with you.