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What are her main depressive symptoms?
Ones I would not recommend are:
Any Mayo-inhibitors

Wellbutrin can work well for those who don't respond to SSRIs (prozac, lexapro, etc)...it is not an SSRI, it does other activity in the brain. It works on norepinephrine and dopamine receptors....

What dose is she on?
Sometimes the "straight" Wellbutrin vs. XR or SR work better 3 X a day...
Say 75mg 3 times a day.

Does she suffer anxiety? Klonopin (small doses if she would not abuse it) added to Wellbutrin balances me out..I was on that combo for many years and then went "off" it because I thought is was not working...well I found out it is the right combo for me.
Hope this helps, Katrina