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Post>>The real question is when does it end? Just how many tests are "enough"? How often is "enough"? Once a week? Once a month or a year<<

Okay, you sittin' down?
Here's the Doctor/procedure count.
It all began in October 2001. It is now April 2003.
I have seen 4 Gynecologists. 6 if you count their assistents.
1 Gynecology Nurse Practitioner
4 Gastroenterologists.
1 Emergency Colon Surgeon.
1 Reproductive Endocrinologist.
1 Urologist
1 Internal Medicine Doctor
2 Family Practitioners (we moved to another State in the middle of all this)
6 trips to the Emergency room in addition to the
1 Emergency Room trip that got me Emergency Colon surgery.
Oh wait! I forgot about the EXTRA Emergency Room trip I had to have when the Emergency Room Doctor shot me up with Dilauded and threw me out of the Hospital when I began endless vomiting because I told her not to give me Dilauded and I said I was having an allergic reaction! when I went to the ER to see about a Tachycardic Pulse of 125, an aching left arm, tingling, disorientation, and a huge mother of all spasms in my left jaw that left me looking like Popeye
and extreme weepy agitation.
So after spending a day on a urine catheter,2 bags of fluids and drugs for the allergic reaction, I then finally decided that my pulse was worrying me (still over 100 and STILL not addressed) I looked up a Cardiologist on my Insurance Provider List later that week, and finally took my self to the Cardiologist who couldn't believe that NO ONE! had refered me and that I actually brought MYSELF in for an evaluation.
But Alas, the Evaluation could not be had, because my BP was 200 over some ridiculous number, and my pulse was still at 125 for the week.
Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo They gave me some Toprol had me lay down in a dark room and watched me and then sent me home with instructions to call asap if my numbers budged into any higher zone.
So for the next month the Cardiologist kept raising my Toprol until I maxed out at the highest dose and then finally I got to have the Evaluation on the tread mill a month later with the diagnosis of hypertension with Tachycardia and a Hyperadrenergic state.
Oh but I jumped ahead of the story here because last you heard, I was still counting Doctors.
I haven't even gotten to the Neurologists yet.
But that will have to wait while I turn back the hands of the clock to the beginning at Christmas 2001.
So, After the Emergency Room trip in December of 2001...........I had 1 colonoscopy. A series of fancy tests at the Urologist (who was totally competant because as you see I only had ONE of those)and finally, finally, I was scheduled for a hysterectomy
in April of 2002. Which I had, and which ran way over time because the Surgeon found my colon wrapped around the ovary and both organs plastered to the wall of the pelvic musculature with dense stage 4 adhesions after they swore up and down that we were just taking out that troublesome uteruus because I was a whiney woman with MAYBE a little Adenomyosis and a bad family medical history but no evidence of a particularly bad gynecology problem.
It was a miracle I could still poop.
Think string cheese Pizza with extra cheese.
Delightful adhesions.
So, once again, it's back to the drawing board because of course, my woes are not over yet.
Now it's 14 days after the hysterectomy.
The gynecologist decides there's a bit of a urine infection. I'm saying I don't feel well. The gynecologist is saying I'm just slow to heal and she does not understand my distress. No hormone help either. So we have hot flashes and the throwes of surgically induced menopause and rapidly falling estrogen with no hormonal help on top of the medical issues. No prozac or elavil yet either. NUTHIN!
Yea! oh, I did have that devil drug xanax but it did nothing by this point.
It's a miracle I still have a husband.
Anyway,so the gynecologist sends me out an anti biotic and that was the last I pooped until 2 days after the emergency colon surgery which happened with in 6 days of taking the antibiotic. But they blamed my fiber choices. Shouldn't have eaten those darn grapes.
So the day of the Emergency surgery we call the Gynecology office. I can't poop. My belly is huge.
My BP and Pulse are once again sky high.
How high? Pulse 114 and rising.
The doctor says give yourself a fleet enema.
So, I don't think it's a good idea but decide to be a good little patient and follow doctors orders.
Bad Bad Idea.
Let me say here that if one ever has a bad abdominal pain accompanied by a pulse over 100, never, never give yourself an enema.
And then life became a surreal hell of fire and brimstone existing in my bowels.
More fun.
Can you immagine?
The O.R. prep nurse stood there with her mouth open when they asked me what happened.
It was bad.
The Colon Surgeon informed my husband that I simply lucked out with timing and missed having to have my bowel resectioned.
2 days later, still no poop. I was backed up further than the colon tool would go so the colon surgeon decided to flush me out with laxatives. I downed 3 bottles of Mag Cit and still NUTHIN. So the Colon Surgeon has taken me off all pain meds by now because he thinks the anesthesia has made my colon sleepy so he comes in and wants me to give it a go with a whole gallon of Golytely. Now you have to realize, this is no fun and I'm still hooked up to a catheter because when my colon decides to go on strike the supporting Urology labor union goes on strike too. So there I am. Still in the hospital and I've been walking the floor until I simply can't hold myself up anymore and there is no far and distant rumble in the belly and this Colon Surgeon wants me to drink a Gallon of Golytely with no pain meds.
So I have a melt down and the colon surgeon threatens me with a Psychiatrist for my ATTITUDE.
So I say fine. I don't care. Call the Psychiatrist because I'm not drinking that whole gallon of Golytely with out drugs. MAJOR BIG BAD HORRIBLY
ADDICTIVE EVIL DRUGS of the I.V. variety. NOW.
So I got my evil drugs and I drank that Golytely and I spent the rest of the day and into the night connected to the toilet.Done. And I finally go home.
That was last April.
And because you are now probably getting a major migraine from this long and tedious story, I will fast forward to November of 2002 when I finally took myself to the Reproductive Endocrinologist who finally diagnoses me with a metabolic endocrine disorder and puts me on life saving Glucophage and schedules me a 3rd surgery to go see what is going on with the one ovary the 1st surgeon left in my body because it started hurting about 3 months after the hysterectomy.
So the RE does surgery in January 2003 and he finds my colon stuck once again to the musculature of the pelvic girdle with more endometriosis and more adhesions. AND he takes out the one remaining ovary and the Pathologist finds that the Ovary has Ovarian Endometriosis which is the stuff that has a big chance to turn into cancer in my body from a genetic line of women who grow ovarian tumors and then have hysterectomys only to develop Breast Cancer.
Yippie again! My whole family fits neatly into the whole Syndrome X criteria and dysmetabolic syndrome X crietria. Pretty much text book as presented on the American Heart Assoc. web site.

So when does it end?

I dunno.

We haven't even gotten to the reason I'm seeing the Neurologist yet.
It's April of 2003 for goodness sakes.
Once a month, a year?
Well heck, you do the math.
What do you think?
What do we have here, something like 17 Doctors in two states? And there's doctors I even forgot to list.
Like the Physical medicine docotor and the maxillofacial surgeon for that stupid jaw thing which is finally being tended with liquid Lidocaine up my nose. I don't need the 500.00 dental splint. I just hurt myself with that spasm back in OCTOBER of 2002.
And now that my heart is no longer tachycardic, thanks to heart medication, we can finally fix this anoying pain.
How many tests?
Well, since NO ONE, even with my nuts family history, NO ONE, except for the Reproductive Endocrinologist, who I didn't meet until the end of November of 2002, no one ever figured out that I needed a Glucose Tolerance Test until November of 2002, then I suppose how ever many blood tests and imaging tests and urine tests it took to get me frustrated enough to take my medical care into my own hands and think outside of the standard health care box. That's how many it takes.
How ever many it takes until one begins to feel sane and whole again.
Did I mention that without Glucophage my blood sugar drops in the 20's? Coma gets charted at 20.
People die from that.
I kept getting looked over mainly because I don't fit the standard type.
I'm not overweight.
I don't drink.
I don't smoke.
I have been athletic.
I have great flexability.
I eat a good diet.
I understand all those great Holistic concepts.
I meditate.
I do Yoga.
I practice the holy rosary of good health.
So it's sad what happens.
Personally, I think anyone who thinks they are sick owes it to themselves and the ones who love them to be ready to go the 1,000 miles to find the answers for their health.
If they mock you and torture you, so what.
It's your health and your life.
It's never too much.
I wish all who seek their own real answers
the best of luck.
Hugs, [img]http://www.healthboards.com/ubb/love1.gif[/img]