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Really, really want to. I suffer both from anxiety and depression and am on Paxil CR 37.5 mg every day. I have noticed a 6 lb wt increase in the 6 months that I have been on it, a MAJOR decrease in libido AND my anxiety has returned after a few months of reprieve from it. Accidentally missed 4 days of taking the drug few months ago (pharmacy mess up) and was Miserable. Dizzy, nauseated etc. I am calling my MD in the am but would like some advice from "the real world". Is it possible to slowly reduce the dosage of an extended release pill or do I need to switch?
Do I get off of the Paxil completely before starting the new med? What meds do you suggest?
My MD had wanted to start Lexapro but my goofy insurance company does not cover it. My choices are Serzone, Zoloft, Prozac, Luvox and possibly Effexor or Celexa. I would really like to have somewhat of a sex drive, combat my Anxiety (main problem) and not be depressed. AND not be on a drug that causes major withdrawal symptoms.
Please help.