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[quote]Originally posted by Equis:
For the record, most psychiatrists will NOT perscribe meds for social anxiety inless it's very severe or co-morbid w/another mood disorder. Some people should do the research before acting like they know what they're talking about *meaningful looks all around*. Seriously guys, if you don't know, don't answer. No, she's not to young for ANY of the SSRI drugs out there. Most aren't FDA approved for kids only because of the money it takes to submit, etc. Doctors perscribe them all the time.

Anyways, back to the actual problem at hand, most people with social anxiety only do group CBT to overcome their fear of social interaction and learn better social skills. If it's interfearing with your life, you're doing the right thing by seeing a therapist. Remember that, just like meds, not all therapists work for everyone, so if this one doesn't do you any good, find another one.

Good luck


I agree with Katie. It makes me so mad the way some people are so quick to say anti-depressants, anti-anxiety and other medications are too often prescribed. Do some people get prescribed them when they are not the last resort, and could possibly do without? Sure, but there are also a lot of people that NEED these drugs, and have their lives saved because of them. This poor girl won't even use the restroom at school! And so many of you say she just "has a classic case of low confidence" (DUH, that is part of SAD!!!) or that she needs to just exercise and eat right (WHAT?! That isn't going to cure her SAD!!!) etc etc. Or that these kinds of medications will mess her up etc. Hmm... I'd be interested to know where that opinion is coming from. I have been on many medications and none of them were habit forming, addicting, caused significant side effects (dry mouth tops the list), or were "neurologically damaging"! I am certainly not in the position where I think anyone feeling "blue" should go on Prozac, but for a lot of people, these drugs DO help them to lead happier lives and I don't see why they should be denied help. I think the original poster should start off by making an appointment with her physician. She could then ask her physician for a referral to a therapist or a psychiatrist. Also, by going to the physician, she could use him/her to talk to her mom for her about why this is necessary. So many parents are just in denial and do not want to admit there is a problem. My mom didn't want to admit I was depressed and anorexic, so she ignored it and even when I asked for therapy she never "got around to" finding me a therapist. Where did this lead me? In a much worse place than I started. And all for nothing. Who knows, I might be recovered by now had I gotten help sooner...

Katie, I also like your idea of group therapy. I think that would be really helpful to this girl. I hope she can find a group though, since they can be pretty hard to find (in my experience anyway). I am in a group therapy for teens with anorexia and bulimia, many of who also have depression and social phobias and it has been extremely helpful to me. At the very least, it gets me out of the house for 3 hours once a week and forces me to talk during the group. I think that would be a great way for this girl to feel like she isn't alone.