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Hi, I have been on prozac 20mg, for nearly a month now during this time I have had a few unpleasant side effects but how long will they last, because I still feel anxious, panicky and lightheaded sometimes.
Dear Bev,
It may not be my place to say this, but, I've heard from many people that Prozac can cause anxiety in some people; I believe Prozac is mostly used for "plain" depression, without anxiety/panic symptoms.
I've found Paxil to be VERY helpful with those symtoms, and it is marketed as such. I don't know what it's called in the U.K., but I believe it's generic name is paroxetine.
Hope this helps. (BUT, like ALL A.D.s, they can take up to 2 months to really work)
Best wishes to you!

Hey Bev:

I agree with Lizzie that my thoughts about Prozac is that is strictly for depression! It is one of the older drugs so you may need something else for anxiety or there are drugs that can cover depression and anxiety at once. The phase in time period (or guinea pig time as I like to call it), is always the worst because you just have to keep trying different meds till you find one that fits you. Think of it like finding the perfect prom dress....lol! Just because a pink frilly thing looks great on your friend, doesnt mean it will look good on you! Keep trying, you will find the perfect mix eventually. Dont give up so easy though because as Lizzie said, some drugs take a few months to work correctly and to their full capacity!

Just hang in, it will get better,
Beth :)