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wow SlyJohn, you sound exactly like me man.I have had fear of having a blood clot for over a year already because ive been out of school for 3 years(because of graduating hs early)and i tend to get pain in my left leg and i always have a sore throat and have phlegm problems...ive had numerous tests and they all came out negative. also the thing is ive had panic attacks for 5 years and it started out bad and eased off and now its at its worst. its hard to do the smallest activities and i get panic when traveling anywhere im not familiar with. I also like to be close to hospitals and i live close by one also. Anyways i took paxil and prozac a few years ago and they didnt work but now im trying zoloft and it seems to be doing ok although i didnt hit 3 weeks yet. Good luck with your problems man its refreshing to see people here can relate to my problems as well as i can for yours.
i also have anxiety disorder, i take 4mg xanax a day and 100mg prozac a day. another 2mg of xanax if i have an axiety attack. since my doses have been increased, i haven't been having them very often. maybe you need to get on some preventative meds like this.