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I agree, I'm very lucky to have such a caring Doctor.
He always takes the time to talk and never rushes me out the door, he listens to me, no matter how long I want to talk.
He's just a regular GP in a practice with five other GP's.
They have offices connected to the Hospital in the small town I live in.

When I was reading about your experiance with your Doctor, it made me think of something that happened to my Sister.
She was in a car accident about 15 years ago.
Nothing serious, she was stopped in traffic and there was a guy behind her.
His foot slipped off the brake and he bumped into her car.
There wasn't ever a dent in her bumper.
A couple of months later, she started to have bad dizzy spells.
She went to her Doctor and he told her that the accident had tramatized her and wrote her a prescription for Prozac!
No tests, no nothing just wrote the prescription.
I sent her to my Doctor and he was shocked, to say the least.
He told her had felt that even though it had been a minor accident that she'd probably done something to her back or her neck.
He sent her for an MRI...low and behold, there was something..can't remember what...wrong with her middle back.
She went to PT for a few months and the problem was solved and she hasn't had a dizzy spell since.
So to make a long story short, I can't say enough good things about my Doctor...by the way, he's now my Sister's Doctor too.