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  1. Spinal Myoclonus
    ... anyone else here gotten spinal myoclonus from taking Prozac ? It happened to me 9 years ago and at the time no ... one thought that my problems were caused by Prozac . I was diagnosed at mayo clinc with spinal myoclonus ... couldn't handle it. I still don't know for sure if Prozac was the cause. I'd been on it for just a few weeks...

  2. Can someone have mastocytosis and still have negitive blood tests?
    ... (I found that out the hard way) was told to take Prozac (which I am not against the med. for some it helps...
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  3. Neurocardiogenic Syncope
    ... thats sounds so familiar... they put me on prozac , it made me pass out..... Hang in their dolly!!!...

  4. Head Pressure - CSF or IH?
    ... I went to had letters from the others suggesting Prozac , mental help, can't be helped, hypocondriac, wants...
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