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My 4 year daughter has been shaking. The dr. called them tremors. On Thursday the daycare called concerned because she couldn't barely hold a pencil and they thought they saw involuntary twitches as well.

She has been under a dr.s care for 3 months being treating for a fight with asthma/pneumonia (2 cases this fall) and revurrent viral infections. She has been on many medicaations but the dr. does not think they are the cuulprit. She was on( on and off during the last month) albuteral, pulmicort, singular, biaxin, liquid steroids twice, biaxin for the past37 days.

She has not had anything since last weekend but the antibiotic and singular. I am so concerned we are missing somethingg. She was shaking all day Thursday and woke up today with it.

BtW she had bloodwork-- came back ok...we have diabetesin the family wanted to check blood sugar.
She takes albuterol 2 x-4 x a day when she has pneumonia or a viral infection with the pulmicort added 1x day when needed. She hasn't had it since Saturday though. The tremors started on Thursday..still possible?