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My son has had a similar problem to that, minus the vommitting. When he was 3 months old he caught a cold from daycare and it never went away. His ped refused to give us anything for him besides decongestant drops, which were pretty much like a placebo... they did nothing for my son.
He was wheezing, constantly showing cold-like symptoms. No fever though. So after 3 months of fighting that, we switched peds. His new ped gave a breathing treatment in his office and my son seemed to be getting better. So we got a nebulizer, albuterol, and pulmicort (steroid) for home. That was winter 2004. We didn't need it come February 2005, the wheezing had stopped. It started back up again in winter 2005 and we had to give him the nebulizer for a few weeks. Now he's almost 2 y/o and he's fine. He hasn't been diagnosed with asthma... his ped says its too early to diagnose that, as asthma is usually something that's ongoing (even though I know this has been).

My recommendation is to keep an eye on him. The traveling may have something to do with it- maybe try keeping him at your home for the next several months to see if that helps.