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My 2 year old daughter has asthma that we think is only triggered by respiratory infections. She has had two serious attacks and we have been to a specialist. He prescribed Pulmicort to use twice a day at the first sign of a cold. He told us this is an experimental way of prescribing it since it is usually prescribed as a daily use controller med. (My daughter goes months without any symptoms.) We visited the pediatrician a few days ago to discuss a cold that my daughter can't seem to kick. The serious symptoms are gone but she continues to have a dry, sometimes wet throat cough a couple times a day. The Ped was amazed that a specialist would prescribe Pulmicort the way we have been using it and thinks it would be better to be giving her Albuterol during a cold to stave off an attack. I am so confused! We were feeling confident that she has been through two bad colds this winter with no asthma attack, and now it has been three months since her last attack. I thought albuterol should be reserved for emergencies like rapid breathing and shortness of breath. Should I be concerned about this lingering cough? She has been on Augmentin now for five days to eliminate the possibility of a sinus infection.
My son had the same problem. He was hospitalized at 10 months because his oxygen was low. He was put in an oxygen bubble.

The asthma only came on after he had a cold which always turned into bronchitis. At one point he had walking pneumonia, I had taken him to the dr. a few days before for breathing and they prescribed asthma meds, he had no fever, no symptoms nothing and even went to school everyday. 3 days later took him back because he wasnt getting better and he was diagnosed with walking pneumonia.

His doctor only prescribes pulmicort as a preventive after he is done taking his regular asthma meds which usually is albuteral through the nebulizer. When he had a cough he couldnt shake the dr. prescribed oral albuteral i think it was every 8 hours and you wouldnt believe the dramatic difference. I have never seen anything work for such a bad persistent cough. Hang in there my son is now 8 and went from getting sick every 3-4wks to maybe twice a year. Good luck.