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I went 50 years without a single UTI, then 2 years ago I had several. I do all the right things, always drink tons of water, wipe from front to back, take cranberry supplements (can't stand the juice) and wear cotton underwear. I was okay last year and now I've had 2 this year. Just 2 weeks ago I was on antibiotics and only 8 days after stopping, I felt like I was getting the infection back. The spasms in my bladder, burning urination and not being able to feel an empty bladder sent me right to the doctor. He wants me to have a kidney IVP and a cystoscopy. The IVP is scheduled for next Friday and the urologist for next Monday....this the receptionist says is just a consult....will not to cystoscopy without a consult first. So now my doctor is keeping my on Pyridium until after those tests. It took at least 4 full days of taking 3/4 pills daily before I've felt any relief. I'm worried about being on these pills that long (the ones that turn your urine orange), but they are helping. I couldn't have gone on like I was, no sleep, up 10 times a night. Anyone out there take this medication that long? Or does anyone know of anything else I can do to help relieve these painful spasms?
Have you tried a drug called "Ditropan"? It eases the bladder muscle cramps. If I were you I would talk to the uro about Ditropan. I personally hate Pyridium, it upsets my stomach very bad.

Also when you have a bladder infection or bladder irritation you need to try to make your urine as alkaline as possible. You may want to take calcium carbonate such as Tums. Stay away from cranbeerry juice, cranbry tablets, acidic foods (tomatoes, strawberries, etc), soda, tea, coffee, spicy foods. Stick with good old water.

I hope this helps.