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Hello Diana!!
I have a black lab also. His name is shadow. Are you sure you are not my double? He, He. Ok, where can I get this mineral sea/salt. I don't think the rinky dink grocery store has this. Also, what is IBS? Did you read my post "DO NOT ENTER" in the sexual health for women? I have been surfing the net, and came upon an article about vag. hyst. and slings. My difficulty with "sex" could be do to a vaginal wall prolapse. I am going to another OBGYN. Being a new patient, I have to wait for 1 month. I am going to see if my family dr. can get me in earler on a referal. Is there any truth to the cranberry pills out there? I am sure you have heard of them. Do you think they work. They seem to be a "naturally ingredient" supplement. I am just not sure. I went to the urologist, actually, he was away on personal business. The urologist I had seen in the same office said I will "most likely" suffer from UTI's in the future and to be sure to drink 4 oz. of cran juice daily, with lots of water, to help me to prevent this. Today I got a real scare!! I felt like I was voiding needles!! I thought, oh no!! Not again! Called the UR.dr, and he prescribed urimax. I am so sick of taking this and that meds. I already have pyridium. I go back to work next week. I work in a pharmacy as a tech. Go figure! I hate meds. Anyway, my customers really miss me. I can't wait to get my life back to normal!! You are really funny! I like your posts! Have you ever had de-za-vu? (sp). I feel like I have been here before I was here!!LOL. Didn't that sound stupid. You know what I mean I hope. Today was a great day. I went to lunch at my sons school. He invited me. Best lunch date I ever had!! After lunch, they had recess. We had such fun!! The kids are cute. They offered to buy me lunch if I would come tomorrow! How cute is that!! Hoping this finds you well, your friend via-the internet!! Annie Ps. how do you get those cute smiles and stuff on your post?? Do you have to have a scanner?
:D Hello Girls!!
Sorry I haven't written. I have been so sick and busy at work. Update: going to new urologist, :round:!!! Found a new family dr.!!! Downside, I found out the urologist stiched me up wrong. That is why I can't make love. Medically, I am healing ok in that department, however, the stiching was grossly done. He sewed me too small and did a poor job at that. I don't know what I am going to do now. It is supposed to "strech out" but he didn't leave me enough space down there to do so. My options, well, to redo the stiching. But, I may never feel anything again, or I may feel worse than it already does. :mad: Gee, what to do?!?! As far as the sling, I have a bone scan to do on the 28th of this month. It will show if the infection is in those stiches from the sling. They think my sling is not adapting to my body. Duh!! What a mess huh! I am not down though. I am still alive!!
Nicole, I found a good urologist. He is very familar with this sling procudure. Don't worry. Just find the right dr. if you wish to have this done. And get a second opinion. They are other options. Discuss it with them. It is your body.
Renee, Hello there! Thank you for the well wishes. My best to you as well. UTI's are horrible!!! Thank goodness for Pyridium!!
Diana, I have missed writing to you!! Those fleece blankets are sooooo nice and soft and warm. She will be lucky to get it. I didn't know you sew!! You are a crafty person aren't you?! How are you doing these days my friend? I will write back again as soon as I here from you! :wave: Bye for now, Annie
I have never been on that medication Pyridium....
I have been on macrobid, cipro, and sulfur and the macrobid isn't doing the job they told me my urine culture was normal I so if it is.... why am I still sick??? I am so tired of having these cronic infections they really are getting old my mom used to have a lot of them she drank a lot of pepsi.. I am so tired of it I just want something to make them go away..
good luck to you all,Renee'
I was told that I could drink cola's. But of course to drink lots of water. Pyridium is a wonderful drug that helps the spasms of the bladder. It helps to relax the bladder to make urinating less painful. If your culture came back ok, that is great!! If you still feel lousy, have you seen a Urologist?? I hope you will feel better. There are other test they can do. But if you culture came back ok, they probably won't recommend these. One is called IVP. There are others, the names ilude me. Good luck to you, chat at you later. Annie
I can't remember. I am going to have to ask the urologist. Mine was put in June of 2002. I do remember it has a cadaveric tissue as the hammock for the sling. Went through stages of fever. The family dr. was calling it "fever of unknown origin".I now have the worst lower back ache! They couldn't get the speculms in for an exam. The doctor had to use the pediatric ones. The scar just above the pubic bone, had a huge dip in it. It is still to this day painful and my therapist kills it when I go in for treatment. Pyridium has worked to help voiding properly. Your right, not only hell, but a nightmare! Why did you get a sling? I was told that given my age (at the time 36) the sucess rate was high. I would sneeze, and, well you know! He told me it would last until I was 70 years old and then the rate would decrease by 30%. I feel misarable.