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Hi BamaBabe, I'm usually on the Menopause board since my doc said I am going thru perimenopaus. The bladder thing is one of my major symptoms next to chest pain and anxiety and weird periods. This has been ongoing since Feburary - other than that - never been sick in my life!

I have the exact same symptoms you do and been through pretty much the same thing with my doctors. My urologist gave my Pyridium Plus which I believe led to the chest pains. I never took the Ditropan but am too looking to see what someone says about it. I'm only 39 and hate this! I pictured bladder problems at about 85?:)

Anyway I take Uristat and it helps - relieve the pressure and burning feeling and the urge to go within 20 minutes - only problem - I pee orange. I also have back pain with this as well. I also take xanax for the anxiety - it helps - sometimes I have to take it all the time - would rather be in a fog than be bothered with all this mess.

Feel better,