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I totally understand your concerns and pain regarding IC. I, too, have IC and this disease can truly be debilitating. I found what works for me is oxy and percosets for bt pain. I have taken bt medications with my long acting meds without a problem. You could be experiencing an IC flair and when this happens I have to take more of the bt medications. Then there are other days I do not have to take as many meds for break though pain. IC pain and the intensity is worse for me in the afternoon and seems to subside a bit in the evening on a 'normal' day. However, if you are experiencing an IC flair, the pain is relentless and can last 5-6 days.

You should talk to your PM doctor and inform her that possibly the patch isnt working and ask her about your hydros and the amount you can take. Usually, if you are having to take more of your bt medications the pm dr. will up your base med, which in your case would be to try a stronger patch. I believe they come in 50 75 and 100 strengths. Also, what works great for me is pyridium plus. This is the only IC med which soothes my bladder and also has an ingredient which calms down my bladder.

I have read it takes 2 weeks to adjust to a new pain medication in regard to the side affects, etc. I tried the patch and couldnt keep it on and it made me extremely sick to my stomach.

It's so important to find a pm doctor who understands IC and the chronic pain which comes with this disease. It sounds like you are fortunate to have found a caring pm doctor..