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Hey Everyone,

I've been meaning to get some feedback on this situation for awhile. Amazingly, despite having endured about 6 different kidney stone episodes in the last 3 years (I'm 28yo male), it was only during my recent one where I had to have a stent.

When it was implanted (right side), I went into the hospital surgical unit, got put all the way under, and upon recovery was given a total of I think 100mgs of Fentynal and some Pyridium pills for the stinging urination pain. But all in all, as I was asleep, the insertion of it was a breeze.

When I went to have it removed less than 2 weeks later (something I DEMANDED since I was having even more pain with it, despite 2 separate xrays showing that its placement was fine), much to my surprise the procedure was done right in the Urologist's office, using only lidocaine down the shaft of the penis. My Uro and 1 nurse being present. Even with the lido, this was EXTREMELY uncomfortable.

I'm just wondering, with anyone else's stent experiences, is this common, to be put under for its insertion but to have only a local when it's removed? Like I said, I had simply assumed that the removal would be a surgical procedure as well. Boy, was THAT not a fun day.... Thank you :)