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Hi i have just had the hardest time with my bladder lately. The last 4 months have just been awful. I started out with a UTI in Sept. and was givin Bactrim to relieve it although UTI went away i still had burning after urination and pain. I have been to the gynecologist multiple times being checked for STD's ect. I was told i had Trich and was givin meds to take care of that and it went away as well. Although i still have this burning sensation all the time...i finally went in again and was given pyridium and cipro to ease my pain and neither of these worked either. I went in again and gave a urine sample and was told here was a trace of blood in my urine and i was referred to a urologist. I am just so confused as to what this could be since there is no bacteria or anything else in my urine. It is such an uncomfortable burning sensation and i always feel like i'm "on fire" down there. I was wondering if anyone else had this problem and what it might be, or how it could be helped. Thanks! :( :(