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oh, guess what??? I got a UTI today!!!!!!!! DUH, must have been brewin' for a few weeks. I had the fevers but my UA came back negative. It really sucks. I see a NP tomorrow morning and will get on Macrobids I am sure. Got a Pyridium at work today to ease the irritation. I peed orangy-red but the irritation subsided immediately.
I feel better all around, but still have some pain that still isn't stopped by Motrin, Aleve or Percs. I think I may get a PM doc and go from there. I will always have some chronic pain, so I need to deal with that anyway.
Thanks for the encouragement, and so forth. I didn't get sick everytime I took the percs though, only when I was at work and hurting, so I was pretty sure that it wasn't what caused me to get nauseated. But, like I said, feeling better now.
Will keep you all updated and thanks again!