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I have had a UTI every two months for 8+ years now. I have become a pro at them. :) My best suggestion is to eat some crackers or drink a glass of milk with the AZO tablets, it will help settle your stomache. AZO tablets work wonders, but my doctor told me that the recomended dose of AZO (2 pills) is not enough to help with the pain. 4 pills is the same strength as the prescription equivalent. The prescription is called Pyridium. Macrobid/Macrodanten work very well. They a very low dose antibiotics and do help. I hope that the AZO tablets do help you. Check with your OBGYN before you start taking 4 AZO instead of two though. (I wasn't pregnant when they advised me of this...) To all of you other ladies out there, since I have a chronic problem with UTI's, I am scared to death of TTC. I am scared of kidney failure do to the strain of a pregnancy. Is there anyone else out there that suffered from chronic UTI's and had a succesful pregnancy? I would appreciate some advice.
I have struggled with heartburn also since pregnancy and before really. I saw your post and I wrote to you to try Pepcid AC, thats the only thing Ive found to work. Its not only for heartburn its also for acid reflux and you only take it once a day. I take it at night and Im fine until the following night. Zantac didnt work for me very long either. And no matter what I eat or drink I get heartburn and acid reflux. I know exactly how you feel about not wanting to eat because of the pain.
Ive also lost weight in the beginning about 12 lbs, and Ive only gained 5 of it back. But Im all baby and she is growing so I try not to worry about the weight part. We have enough to worry about with everything else. The Reglan works to break down food faster and that way its not always coming up my throat. But it doesnt work and Ive stopped taking it. It also would make me throw up some times. It does feel like Ive been pregnant forever, but Im glad that I know she will be here Sept 30th. Im having a c-section, my other 2 were also c-sections. It seems forever away but when it comes and goes we will wonder what happened.lol. Hang in there and you can always whine to me, just send me a post..hehe.
I also get them often even before pregnancy. And they always cleared up with my 7 day macrobid. With the AZO I only take one every 6-7 hrs, because they make me really sick if I take more. I have a prescription for Pyridium and Im allergic to those so I cant take those either. They make me violently throw up wether I eat or not with them, which I always did. Ive been on Macrobid now for 8 days and I still have 9 more days to go. It didnt clear up with the first 7 days, so he put me on them for 10 more days.The AZO do help to make it tolerable, but walking always hurts still so I dont do that much. I also have a yeast infection and it wont seem to go away and I wonder if its due to the AZO and the macrobid Im taking. Im just miserable, last night was the first night I didnt wake up hurting and having to eat so I could take an AZO. So maybe its finally easing up a bit. Thanks for your reply. Im sorry you also struggle with UTI's. I dont think that getting pregnant would cause kidney failure because of your chronic UTI's. Im not really sure but its something Ill check into for you.