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I noticed that I was getting symtoms of a bladder/UTI 2 weeks ago. It hurt at the end of my stream of urine (much like many other UTI's I have gotten in the past *about 3*). So, to stop the buring and in hopes of flushing out my system, I drank cranberry juice like crazy, got pyridium from the doctor (makes pee orange) and stayed away from acidic foods. I also had some prescription left from the last UTI I had gotten (4 months before) and not taken the whole thing, so i took about 3 days of that. It didnt seem to be doing anything. My Burning would still be present if I didnt drink enough (which was alot). My pain finally was under control. Not completely away, but under control after about a week and a half. I dont want to say anything on this computer but lets just say that i saw my boyfriend this weekend. ........ about no less then a day and a half later, guess whos back??? the burning..about 10 times worse!!! I went to the doc for a urine culture and he said that there were just a little bit of white blood cells, but other then that everything is normal. I couldnt believe it!!! It hurts so bad!!! So, he gave me cipro. I am getting that filled today and will begin taking it tonight. My question is, can you still have an infection without any signs in the urine?? Please help!!!!!

PS- I didnt drink much when I took the urine test. So it couldnt have been diluted.