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I thought that I had a UTI like I have had many times before. Drank water and cranberry juice and it seemed to be doin alot better after about a week and a half. Well, that pain (burning when urinating) was triggered by sex. when I felt that the symtoms had been away for about 2 days, i decided to try it again...well, 2 days later the same thing was back, only 10 times worse! Went to the doc and he said there was no bacteria in the urine, just some white blood cells. Im starting to think that maybe I could have some kind of cut inside from intercourse. is this possible? the reason i think this is because i know that the intercourse triggered it. maybe it re-opened a cut that i had. Also, it feels like there is irritation more on the ouside of the vagina (the lips) . I have been reading about IC and freaking myself out. Iam 16 years old. I really think I might have IC please help. could my bacterica just have been hidden from the pyridium I took a week before>? Could IC be a factor? PLEASE HELP