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She thinks it's a UTI. She gave me Bactrum and Pyridium (it's for the pain I guess). She said that if the Pyridium clears up the pain, then that in of itself tells her it's a UTI. Has anyone ever taken this med before? Did it help?

My urine had blood in it and it was very acidic (????). The only symptom I have is flank pain - no pain while urinating, no change in frequency, no fever.

She's sending my urine to the lab and she said she'd call when she found something out.

She said to come back if the pain wasn't gone after I finsihed the Bactrum.

People that have had UTIs before - does this sound right? She didn't seem too sure that it really was UTI, but wanted to treat just in case.

Any help from those that have had this before as I've never had a UTI and I don't know what to expect?????
The Pyridium sure worked! I can tell that it's worn off though because the flank pain is back with a vengenace!

I was hoping that the Bactrim would have kicked in by now to help clear the infection. I got very little sleep again last night (after having 2 goods nights of sleep thanks to Pyridium). If it's not better by tommorow, I'm calling the dr back...I can't stand the pain!