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I'm a female, age 35 years. For about 1.5 months I'd been having a terrible pain on my right side. It would start every night when I'd end up sleeping on my right side. After I laid on my right side, the pain was terrible! It would get better during the day, but the pain still came in waves. I'm quite sure it's not a muscle as I've pulled lots of them, and this feels different. And the pain doesn't get worse or better depending on what position I'm in - I can't get comfortable not matter how I sit or lay.

I finally went to the dr because I can't get any sleep - it is just too painful. I had blood (and other things I can't rememer) in my urine, so they thought I had a UTI based on that and my side pain. They gave me Pryidium and Bractrim. I called them back 5 days later to see about the urine culture. It was negative - there was no infection. I was still having the pain (the pain was much better while I was taking the Pyridium though). They sent me for a CT scan, which showed a small stone in my right kidney. They said it should pass on its own. It's been over 2 weeks, the stone hasn't passed, and I've still got the terrible pain in my side.

My dr was concerned because he said that a kidney stone still in the kidney should not hurt that much. I guess the pain from a stone comes when it moves and it's passed? So, now he's sending me to a urologist to see what is going on. I do have mild chronic renal insuff, but my nephrologist didn't seem too concerned about the stones.

Has anyone ever had theses symptoms? Did you find out what was causing them? Do kidney stones hurt while still in the kidney? If anyone has any experience, ideas, opinions, etc, I would love to hear them. I'm at a loss and I'm in lots of pain (they did give me vicodin to take at night, and it does help some).

I would greatly appreciate ANY help you could provide.

Thanks so much.